Kim Whittlestone

Call 1994

Photo of Kim Whittlestone


Kim was called to the Bar in 1994 and established a strong and successful practice in London before moving back to her native North West in 2005 to join Exchange Chambers. Since then Kim’s career has gone from strength to strength building on an already impressive criminal practice in such areas as homicide, drugs conspiracies, serious violence, robbery, sexual offences, fraud & money laundering, confiscation, asset recovery and theft.

She is appointed as a Category 4 Prosecutor and has been selected to act on behalf of the General Medical Council.

Criminal Cases

R v Wilson – Kim was instructed to defend Robert Wilson, a Cumbrian farmer accused of murdering his wife. This was a high profile case which made the national news. It was initially thought that his wife had been killed in a tragic tractor accident on the farm but it was only when the defendant’s double life was discovered that he was charged with the murder of his wife.

R v Cullen & others – substantial multi-handed money laundering and benefit fraud over a ten year period.

R v Chapple – multi-handed drugs conspiracy leading to substantial Proceeds of Crime proceedings.

R v Wilson – substantial trading standards prosecution involving “clocked” cars.

R v O’Dea – this case received wide publicity in the North West of England as 4 young men were charged with the joint enterprise murder of a Liverpool student.

R v Harding – 17 year-old male charged with attempting to murder (by gassing and stabbing) an older male who he had met on a blind date.

R v Campbell – historic sexual abuse where a step-father was accused of abusing his step- daughter from the age of 6 to 16. Allegations were made by the complainant 10 years after the alleged abuse ceased.

R v Fotheringham – historic sexual abuse where the defendant was said to have sexually abused his wife’s 13 year-old sister. The complaints were made almost 15 years after incidents of rape and sexual assault are said to have occurred.

R v Gilyeat & Byres – serious assaults and child cruelty to a 6-month old child involving substantial work in the area of ‘bite mark analysis’.

R v Thompson – serious violence involving use of weapons causing life threatening injuries.

R v Zalla– dentist accused of sexually assaulting dental nurses at his practice.

R v Carruthers & Mumby – serious child cruelty involving a 5-week old child.

R v Ringsell – prosecution of a post-mistress charged with theft and fraud offences at work.

R v David John Evans – a father charged with sexually assaulting his 5 year old son.

R v Joseph Hook & Paul Dodd– conspiracy to supply class ‘A’ drugs

R v Torrance and Ross – Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, witness intimidations.

R v Hetherington, Scrimgour & Atkinson -racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence and racially aggravated assault.