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Personal Injury

Katharine is a specialist in personal injury litigation representing both Claimants and Defendants. Katharine has experience across a broad range of work including clinical negligence, jury trials and inquests. Katharine deals with all levels of multi-track litigation. Katharine has an affable client manner and combines this with a pragmatic, commercial approach. While her interpersonal skills enable her to put clients at ease, she is renowned for being strong in Court with her fearless and focused approach.

Katharine has significant experience in:

  • Accidents at work
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Industrial Disease work including, mesothelioma and asbestos related claims, NIHL and HAVS
  • Chronic pain including CRPS
  • Serious spinal injury
  • Fatal accidents
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Occupiers and Highways claims
  • CICA
  • Military claims

Other areas of practice include:

  • Actions against the Police
  • Holiday claims
  • Sports related injuries

Personal Injury Cases

DF – Client was 21 when he was seriously assaulted resulting in a skull fracture, subdural hematoma and serious brain damage. He had a number of cognitive impairments but retained capacity. There had been historical failure to engage with rehabilitation. He had a history of offending behavior. Issues for the CICA Appeal included his ability to manage his own affairs notwithstanding capacity, potential exploitable earning capacity and his ability to live independently. The Client had originally been offered only less than £10,000 and his record of offending was taken into account.  I prepared a detailed schedule of loss and skeleton argument and when representing the Client at the Appeal hearing persuaded the Panel to disregard the offending behavior and secured a full award of in excess of £222,000.

EC – Client was 16 years old when he suffered serious spinal injury whilst a passenger in a vehicle of which the driver lost control. His spinal fractures required extensive operative treatment and ultimately spinal fusion. The Client completed his University education but his ambition to enter the Armed Forces was compromised. Substantial claims for care and reduced earning capacity. Ongoing.

DJ – CRPS case. The Client had sustained a severe crush injury to his right hand whilst working in manual employment. The Defendants sought to argue on the basis of their experts reports that he was exaggerating and a malingerer. Settled at JSM for £163,000.

NE – The Client had suffered brain damage and a disabling mental illness as a result of a serious assault. Prior to the assault he had been at the start of a promising career aboard luxury yachts. Due to his injuries he was unable to continue with that employment and wished to relocate abroad. Complex issues surrounding his ability to access UK  benefits in the future and possible deductions from his award were live. At the CICA Appeal hearing I secured an award of circa £250,000.

X – CICA eligibility case involving a 12 year old girl who had been raped by multiple assailants. Award initially refused by the CICA. I represented X at the Appeal where with careful and sensitive handling of the witness the Panel accepted unreservedly that X had been the victim of a number of crimes of violence and had been bullied and intimidated by her assailants. X was entitled to a full award.

SM – The Client was 17 years old when she was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing. She lacked capacity due to her learning difficulties. She sustained severe facial and dental injuries which would require complex and lifelong treatment.I advised on a number of occasions and prepared the detailed schedule of loss which resulted in a settlement being achieved and approved at the full amount claimed.