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“He is down to earth, accessible and always has command of the details.”

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Jason is a highly experienced criminal and regulatory barrister with over 27 years of experience at the Bar.

The vast majority of Jason’s criminal practice involves serious, complex and paper heavy cases. He has been instructed for the defence by private practice solicitors throughout the North of England in respect of all aspects of criminal work, but in particular fraud. Such prosecutions have been commenced by the SFO, DTI, CPS, ARA and Trading Standards.

Jason is often instructed as leading counsel in matters lasting from a fortnight to four months. In addition to instructions being received from private practice solicitors, he has represented defendants who are member/employees of the Police Federation, Prison Officers Association, The Post Office, The Pharmacists Society, various insurance companies, Trade Unions and Healthcare providers.

He is fully IT proficient and utilises the most up-to-date technology, in particular Casemap, which provides greater efficiency in searching large amounts of documentation.

Criminal Cases

R v H. Leicester Crown Court – 2021 ongoing. Fraud by employee – £250K.

R v T. Leeds Crown Court – 2021 ongoing. HMRC fraud £150K

R v AR. Preston Crown Court – 2021 ongoing. Multi handed drug conspiracy.

R v K. Manchester Crown Court – 2021 ongoing. Multi handed drug conspiracy.

R v H. Bradford Crown court – 2019-21. Multi handed drug conspiracy.

CL v B. 2020 – Concluded. Fraudulent activity by lending institution. Advice led defendant to settle out of court.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre – June 2018. Successfully defeated household name insurance company’s attempt to obtain High Court Judge’s permission to commit for criminal contempt.

R v A. Preston Crown Court – May 2018. After a 3 day trial the Crown prior to closing its case accepted that the Crown’s witnesses account of being intimidated by the defendant, who had previously pleaded guilty in separate proceedings to kidnapping the victim was credible.

R v SE. Derby Crown Court – Jan -Feb 2018. Successfully defended nurse accused of conspiring to defraud insurance company in cash for crash conspiracy. 6 week trial prosecuted by senior and junior counsel.

R v Ian Cunningham. Minshall Street Crown Court – Sept – Oct 2017. Successfully defended man alleged with 2 others to have committed an armed robbery of a Co-op travel agents in Glossop.

Defending a Judicial review of Circuit Judges decision under the Police Property Act to return seized property to defendant.

Acted for liquidator in 5 day POCA hearing, appointment of a management receiver.

R v Alp. 2 week plus trial. Conspiracy to defraud. Defendant financial director accused of embezzling employer, Leeds city council. Vey paper heavy included 2 year council investigation and disciplinary hearing.

R v Ian Cunningham. 6 week trial armed robbery. 10,000 + pages. DNA attribution and cell siting issues. Defendant acquitted.

R v Susan Elliott. 8 week conspiracy to defraud insurance companies. 10,000 + pages. Defendant acquitted.

R v Hanley Firearms offences. Trial. Cell siting evidence. Defendant acquitted.

R v Gucel. Historic familial sex offences. Defendant acquitted.

Jason as leading counsel is currently representing a property developer accused of a multi-million pound conspiracy to defraud/launder the proceeds of crime. This is an enormous case with many co-accused and in total approximately 70,000 pages of evidence.

DBIS prosecution. Jason is currently representing a retired director accused of aiding and abetting a disqualified person to manage a company.

R v Kansal. Bradford Crown Court – Junior Counsel representing chemist charged with defrauding the Prescriptions Agency.

R v Pearson. Sheffield Crown Court – Leading Counsel defending a police officer charged with various dishonesty and firearm charges.

R v Larvin. Sheffield Crown Court – Junior Counsel defending. Defendant charged with unlawful disposal of a body. Month long case.

Christopher Alder Inquest. Hull Coroner’s Court – Representing a police officer during longest running single death coroner’s inquest in English legal history. Case proceeded to the High Court where the verdict of unlawful killing was challenged by way of Judicial Review procedure.

Operation Surrender. Sheffield Crown Court – Leading Counsel representing a police officer charged with false accounting matters arising from the compensation scheme pursuant to the Firearms Act 1997, created as a result of the Dunblane incident. Defendant acquitted at half time stage after 11 weeks.

DTI v Horner. Teeside Crown Court – Leading Counsel defending finance director of a company. Prosecuted by the DTI. Defendant acquitted at half time stage after 6 weeks.

R v Blakey. Teeside Crown Court – Junior Counsel representing police officer charged with manslaughter. Defendant acquitted at half time stage after 12 weeks.

R v Feecamp. Leeds Crown Court – Leading Counsel. Conspiracy to defraud. Defendant acquitted upon abuse of process point.

R v Mullan. Leicester Crown Court – Leading Counsel. National Crime Unit case. People smuggling case.

R v Gajra. Birmingham Crown Court – Leading Counsel. People smuggling case.

R v Parker. Derby Crown Court – Leading Counsel. Long firm fraud.

R v Amin. Maidstone Crown Court – Leading Counsel. International £16 million cigarette diversion fraud.

R v Lee. Sheffield Crown Court – Leading Counsel. Conspiracy to import counterfeit goods.

R v Patrice. Bradford Crown Court – Leading Counsel. Drugs case. 1 month time estimate.

R v Straughan. Leeds Crown Court – Leading Counsel. SFO matter. Conspiracy to defraud £90 million.

R v Clephane. Sheffield Crown Court – Leading Counsel. H & S prosecution by the CPS. Represented manager of a care home. Listed for 4-5 month trial. Successful abuse of process application.

Martin Middleton Inquest. Death in custody inquest, representing custody sergeant. Leeds Coroner’s Court.

Mark Camm Inquest. Death in custody Inquest, representing numerous police officers. 7 week case. Wakefield Coroner’s Court.

SAQIB RAZZAQ. Liverpool Crown Court – Junior Counsel. Kidnap and credit card fraud offences.

John Williams v Th e Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Privy Council Appeal No 928 2007

GMC v Professor Rolf. Orthopaedic surgeon. Misconduct and DPP 4 week FTP hearing.

GMC v Dr Ondire. Misconduct and DPP 3 week FTP hearing.

Dr Maini. Cosmetic surgeon. Misconduct and DPP 2 week FTP hearing.

Dr Haynes. Orthopaedic surgeon Misconduct and DPP FTP hearing.

Dr Uk Pong Dan. FME Misconduct and DPP 3 week FTP hearing.

Dr Omerod. FME DPP 1 week FTP hearing.

The Queen (On the Application of Thomas Beard) v Preston Crown Court & The Secretary of State for Justice 2012 EWHC 2034 (Admin) Judicial review. Rolled up application. Challenge to the extension by the Court of the defendant’s custody time limits.