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“He is down to earth, accessible and always has command of the details.”

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Commercial Fraud

Jason MacAdam has been at the Bar for nearly 30 years. He started out as a criminal barrister in London in the early years.

His career really took off when in the mid 1990’s he moved to the North of England to Leeds chambers. He very quickly established a reputation as industrious and tenacious which resulted in him prosecuting and defending very serious cases.

During the last years of the 1990’s he was involved both as a junior counsel and as a leading junior in some of the most paper heavy and complicated trials of the day.

At about 10 years call his career expanded to other areas. He for some time had been briefed to represent police officers before the criminal courts which led to him appearing for the same officers before their regulatory tribunals. This work led to him being instructed to represent police officers in long complicated cases such as death in custody inquests before the Coroners Court and serious paper heavy criminal cases before the Crown Court which required understanding and analysis of technically difficult matters and an ability to cross-examine lay and expert witnesses alike. Such cases included charges alleging gross-negligence manslaughter, misconduct in a public office, fraud and the like.

Over the course of the next 19 years Jason’s practise continued to develop and specialise.

He very quickly stopped accepting ‘standard fee’ work preferring to concentrate on fewer but bigger cases. In the criminal courts he has concentrated on fraud work of all kinds, defending clients prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service, The Serious Fraud Office, The Department of Trade and Industry, The Asset Recovery Agency and Trading Standards. More often than not he is assisted by junior counsel and a team of specialist solicitors because the cases are voluminous involving tens of thousands of pages of evidence and the trials are usually listed for several months.

Additionally, throughout this time, Jason has continued to develop his regulatory work advising clients and appearing on their behalf before various regulatory bodies and the High Court.

Jason’s considerable experience of representing those charged with fraud allegations combined with an ability to digest, assimilate and understand complex/technical issues and evidence before various forums has led to Jason being instructed to represent and advise clients wishing to challenge financial institutions by the bringing of criminal proceedings principally under The Fraud Act 2006 in respect of various commercial matters.

Commercial Fraud Cases

Recent cases include:

R v Rowbotham. Leading counsel 2015-18 represented defendant charged with mortgage fraud and money laundering. 65000 pages of evidence.

Esure v others. 2017-18 Successfully challenged Insurance company in the High Court seeking permission to commit for criminal contempt a legal executive for insurance fraud.

Anglo Irish Bank. 2018 Advised a property development company which had been miss-sold swaps and whose claim to the IBRC had been subsequently rejected, regarding possibility of bringing an action for fraud based upon the former directors of the bank being convicted of fraud and false accounting.

Ongoing matter. 2018-19 Advising a property developer regarding a banks allegedly fraudulent actions concerning consolidating loans and the hedging of the same with a 3rd party and imbedding of break fees.