Guy Vickers

Call 1986

"He is a fantastic advocate and will always listen to his instructing solicitor as well as the client. He is tenacious and if a point needs to be made, then he will be certain to make it."

Chambers and Partners 2019
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Personal Injury

Guy is an experienced practitioner with a mixed civil practice including personal injury. His main areas of interest are chemical exposures causing respiratory disease, skin disorders such as dermatitis and systemic conditions, work related upper limb disorders, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and deafness. Other areas of personal injury practice include asbestos related claims, stress at work and bullying claims, sports injuries, clinical negligence and fatal accidents.

Over the last 3 years Guy has been heavily involved in the Autofocus Credit Hire litigation, having been brought in to help sift through the thousands of cases affected by dishonest rates evidence, and thereafter has been junior Counsel in both sets of test cases, Purushothaman v Malik and Dickinson v Tesco Plc. He was also junior Counsel in important conjoined Court of Appeal cases concerning Credit Hire, Pattni v First Leicester Buses Ltd and Bent v Highways and Utilities Construction. He also represented Accident Exchange Limited in its successful application in the Divisional Court to bring committal proceedings for contempt of court against 7 former Autofocus rates surveyors (Accident Exchange Limited v George-Broom & ors). Having drafted or advised in all 350 appeals issued by Accident Exchange Limited in the wake of the test cases, Guy’s knowledge of Credit Hire issues is second to none.

Personal Injury Cases

(of specific relevance to Personal Injury/Credit Hire)

Accident Exchange v George-Broom [2015] EWHC 2205 (Admin)

Stevens v Equity Syndicate Management Limited [2015] R.T.R. 24

Gonzalez v Dignity Funerals Limited – 14 March 2016 County Court (Willesden)

Gow v NFU Mutual – 24 May 2016 County Court (Central London)

Dickinson v Tesco Plc [2013] C.P. Rep. 24 [2013] R.T.R. 27 Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Bent v Highways and Utilities Construction (Costs) [2011] EWCA Civ 1539; [2012] 2 Costs L.O. 127 Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Purushothaman v Malik [2012] R.T.R. 21 Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Pattni v First Leicester Buses Ltd [2012] R.T.R. 17 [2012] P.I.Q.R. Q1 Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Accident Exchange Limited v George-Broom & ors (2012) [2012] EWHC 207 (Admin) (Divisional Court, Civil Contempt Committal Application)

Bullock v Atlas Ward Stuctures Ltd – [2008] All ER (D) 43 (May) Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Beardall and others v Vinamul Ltd [2006] All ER (D) 03 (Feb) Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

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Bruce v Genesis Fast Food Ltd [2003] EWHC 788 (QB); [2004] P.I.Q.R. P9 Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

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