David Birrell

Call 2006


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Motoring and Vehicle Crime

David specialises in road traffic offences and receives repeat instructions from leading motoring solicitors. He consistently delivers results, particularly in cases involving excess alcohol and penalty points (‘totting up’) disqualifications and has successfully advanced ‘Special Reasons’ and ‘Exceptional Hardship’ arguments in a wide variety of cases. He has experience of both defending and prosecuting serious cases of dangerous driving involving expert evidence from vehicle examiners, road collision investigators and forensic toxicologists. David has been instructed in speeding cases which involve complicated points of law and fact including the failure to observe manufacturer’s instructions and/or ACPO guidelines and the calibration of devices. David is sensitive to the particular needs and expectations of motoring law clients, many of whom have no experience of the criminal justice system. He is supportive of his lay clients, whom he keeps fully advised and abreast of the case and the wider court process.