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Daniel’s practice encompasses all aspects of serious crime and he is regularly instructed in cases of all types of alleged offending ranging from allegations of violent offending, including murder and gangland cases, to serious and large scale drugs supply and importation, offences involving the use and/or supply of firearms and explosives, people trafficking, kidnapping and modern slavery and all other types of Organised Crime Group (OCG) activity, as well as complex fraud offences and all aspects of sexual offending.

Daniel has particular experience and expertise in running multi-handed, document heavy trials such as large-scale drug supply/importation cases, conspiracies to commit violence and other offences (often involving firearms) and all types of complex fraud and money laundering.

Daniel is an advocate who believes the key to success lies in meticulous preparation, robust and fearless cross examination and the need always to have in a mind a tactical overview of the case to enable the most effective and persuasive of closing speeches. Daniel has been briefed in some of the most serious and complex cases in the North West and nationally, often deploying carefully crafted legal arguments as well as using IT and presentational aids to great effect.

Recent instructions of note include defending at trial the first defendant in a far-Right terror plot to murder the MP Rosie Cooper (led by another member of Exchange Chambers), tried at the Old Bailey; defending the trial of a multi-million pound fraud and money laundering conspiracy that ran for 5 months in which Daniel led another member of Chambers to the acquittal of his client; defending a blackmail conspiracy in which hand grenades were used to cause an explosion in the home of the targeted victim; defending a man accused to have been part of a £1.3 million VAT fraud; defending a man alleged to be part of the largest ever importation of Class A drugs into the UK, valued at approximately £7 billion.

Daniel was appointed a Recorder in 2019.

Criminal Cases

R v. M and others (2019) – Operation Pelican – Multi-handed complex conspiracy to kidnap.

R v. Davies and others (2019) – Multi-handed conspiracy to commit a targeted armed robbery of extremely high value Porsche parts. Daniel was briefed to defend the first defendant.

R v. Riccardo and others (2019) – 5 month trial, in which Daniel led another member of Exchange Chambers, of a conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering.  During the period of alleged offending, Daniel’s client handled, through bank accounts under her control, funds in excess of £800,000. Daniel’s client was acquitted of all counts she client faced at the conclusion of the trial.

R v. Martin and others (2019) – Conspiracy to kidnap, imprison and torture a man thought to have been a rival of the defendants.  The allegations included the defendants dressing as Police officers to affect a false arrest before taking the victim to an woodland area where he was tortured and them moving him to a residential address, where the torture continued further, while ransom demands were made of his family.  Daniel’s client was the only defendant acquitted of every count faced.

R v. Gurjee and others (2019) – Conspiracy to cause an explosion likely to endanger life as part of a conspiracy to blackmail a businessman.  The defendants were alleged to have possessed hand grenades, firearms and ammunition and to have used a hand grenade to cause an explosion in the home of the target of the blackmail.

R v. Miah and others (2019) – Multi-handed conspiracy to commit robbery of high value motor vehicles, dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. Daniel represented the first defendant.

R v. Parker and another (2019) – Attempted murder of a vulnerable individual in his own home using a meat cleaver. Daniel was led by another member of chambers.

R v. Tran and others (2018) – Operation Renard – 17 handed conspiracy to produce cannabis involving complex issues of modern slavery and trafficking.

R v. Renshaw and others (2018) – Operation Harplike – defending the first defendant in a multi-handed indictment alleging the planning an act of far-Right terrorism (the murder of an MP) and membership of a terrorist organisation, tried at the Old Bailey (led by a member of Exchange Chambers).  This was the first far-Right terror plot prosecuted since WWII.

R v. Choudhry and others (2018) – Operation Cognac – multi-handed, multi-count indictment alleging conspiracies to launder money and transporting criminal property. Daniel’s client was arrested after £267,000 cash was found in the boot of his hire car as well as receipts which showed cash payments into multiple bank accounts of more than £26,000 around 2 weeks earlier. Undercover officers also photographed him the day before his arrest driving his hire car to and from an industrial unit at which it was shown that large amounts of criminal cash was being processed. Daniel’s client was acquitted; all other defendants linked to the unit were convicted.

R v. Barnett and others (2018) – Multi-handed, gangland murder of a drug runner by a criminal gang (led by a member of Exchange Chambers).

R v. Stoba and others (2017) – Multi-handed, multi-count indictment alleging conspiracies to supply drugs both in and out of the jurisdiction. At all material times Stoba was a prisoner and alleged to have run the various conspiracies using mobile phones smuggled into his cell.

R v. Holland and others (2017) – Gangland attacks by organised criminals with drug dealing backgrounds involving the use of machetes and bats.  The defendants were all said to have engaged in an aggravated burglary and s.18 wounding of an elderly couple in order to steal a car when their car broke down on the way to a party.

R v. Pownall and others (2016-2017) – Conspiracy to commit armed robbery of cash in transit van. A case involving large amounts of telephone and cell site material. Acquittals of the remaining counts followed at the conclusion of the trial.

R v. A and others (2016) – Multi-handed, multiple-count rape and sexual assault indictment.

R v. O’Donnell and others (2016) – Operation Gravestone – Mutli-handed, multi-count Proceeds of Crime Act conversion/VAT fraud.

R v. B and others (2016) – Operation Rabbit – 15 handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The defendant was 14 years old at the offending and still a youth by sentence.

R v. Todd and others (2016) – 4 handed conspiracy to commit reckless arson and insurance fraud. (2016).

R v. Ripley (2016) – Kidnap of an 11 year old girl previously unknown to the defendant who he drove from Cheshire to Darlington, orally and vaginally raped in a field then abandoned at 3am after masking taping her eyes and mouth shut.  A life sentence was avoided on sentence.

R v. Haining and Haining (2015) – Conspiracy to import illegal chemical highs and supply Class A drugs.

R v. Green and others (2015) – Operation Thorium & Operation Nemesis – 14 handed and 5 handed conspiracies to supply Class A and B drugs over multiple indictments containing counts of attempted murder, blackmail and conspiracy to possess prohibited weapons including a MacTen machine pistol and a hand grenade.

R v. Oliphant and others (2015 – 2016) – Operation Tango – 15 handed conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

R v. Linford and others (2015) – Operation Pitscale: 19 handed conspiracy to import and supply Class A and B drugs.  A total of 5.151kg of cocaine and 229kg of amphetamine was seized.

R v. Eccles and others (2015) – Operation Gallant: 6 handed conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs and possession of prohibited and other firearms.

R v. R and others (2015) – Operation Trooper: 6 handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The defendant was 16/17 at all material times and was placed by the Crown as second in command of the conspiracy but elevated at sentence by the Court to the leader of/most senior participant in the conspiracy. Successful appeal of sentence.

R v. Ormerod and others (2014 and 2015) – Operation Tungsten and Operation Tahiti: 20 handed, multiple conspiracy counts to import and supply Class A and B drugs. Successful application to stay the majority of the counts as an abuse of process.

R v. Clegg and others (2014-2016) – Operation Aylesbury: Multi-handed conspiracy to disguise criminal property (mid-high end car parts stolen to order and broken-up for onwards sale) valued in the region of £1 million.

R v. DC and 4 others (2014) – 11 year old schoolboy indicted with arson with intent/reckless arson of his school, resulting in in excess of £10 million damage.  A very young and emotionally labile client who needed an intermediary and numerous difficult conferences to prepare his trial, including on occasions at his home address.

R v. Hodson and others (2013) – Operation Waterford: 8 handed large-scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs with seizures of 28kg cocaine, 29.5kg heroin and 74kg amphetamine worth millions of pounds.

R v. Makunova and others (2013) – 7 handed people trafficking, false imprisonment and rape.

R v. Williams (2013) – Attempted murder/s.18 with complex issues of causation flowing from the alleged use of a dog chain to strangle the complainant who was left with significant brain damage.

R v. Miller and others (2013) – Operation Grassland: 15 handed conspiracy to commit VAT fraud with a loss to the Revenue of £2.9 million but submitted claims for substantially more.

R v. Curry (2013) – Led junior in the murder of an 88 year old man which took place during a night time burglary culminating in the arson of the premises.

R v. Prentice and others (2012) – Operation Oriole: 15 handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Successful half-time submission.

R v. Owens and others (2011 – 2012) – Conspiracy to burgle ATM machines and/or their contents on a national scale.

R v. Zhao Kang and another (2010) – Combined CPS and Customs and Excise prosecution of a conspiracy to defraud involving the creation thousands of false documents to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the UK.

R v. H and others (2010) – 7 handed, large scale and organised, football related, Violent Disorder involving around 70 men trying to fight one another whilst being separated by the Police. The defendant was 17 at the time, the only youth involved.

R v. Seriwala and others (2009) – 3 handed conspiracy to commit fraud via misuse of the telephone lines and bank accounts linked to the post office with extensive technical/computer evidence.  Successful opposition of a hearsay application resulted in an indication from the court that there was no case to answer and the Crown offering no evidence 1 week into the trial.

R v. Anderson (2009) – Reckless arson of a 75 foot motor cruiser worth £1 million which involved extensive cross examination of the manager of a consortium of investors on what appeared to be significant financial impropriety, as evidenced by defence analysis of years of accounts, to suggest a complex insurance fraud. Cross examination of the complainant prompted calls for an investigation into him and an acquittal for Mr Anderson.