David is an accomplished advocate before juries and Appellate Courts in all aspects of criminal law. He appears regularly as a leading junior having been a Category 4 Prosecutor since 1999. He has particular strength in cases involving fraud, homicide, motoring and vehicle crime, organised crime, serious sexual offences, cases involving telecommunications, and asset recovery.

Highly skilled in setting strategies for the case management of complex crime, David is proficient and confident in the use of technology, particularly in the presentation of evidence in Court.

Many of David’s cases have received local and national media coverage. These include:

Operation Profaner

R v. Glyn Thomas

R v. Tim Shinners

Operation Timon

R v Ewing and Dewhurst

R v Hunter jailed-8851801

Operation Bay

Operation Pitscale jailed-for-12-years-for-role-in-drugs-conspiracy-1/

Criminal Cases

Hunter and Others (2015)

Conspiracy to rob.

R v Ewing and Dewhurst (2015)

The murder of Paige Chivers – one of the largest and most complex ‘no body’ murder investigations undertaken by Lancashire Police.

R v Malcolm Barber (2015-16)

Confiscation benefit figure 5m available amount £750k.

R v Christopher Turton and Others; Operation Timon (2015-16)

Conspiracy to supply drugs and money laundering.

R v Paul Berry and others; Operation Pitscale (2015-16)

Conspiracy to supply drugs.

R v Hollerin (2015)

Attempted murder.

R v E Operation Pallial (2016)

Historical physical abuse.

R v J Operation Pallial (2016)

Historical physical abuse.

R v B (2014)

Historical Sex Case (Prosecuting).

R v C (2014)

Historical Sex Case (defending: acquitted).

R v W (2014)

Historical Sex Case (defending: acquitted).

R v Diaz (2014)

Defending: POCA.

R v Wilson (2014)


R v Hopkins (2013)

Rape x 2, 10 years apart.
Prosecuting. Defendant convicted – life sentence).

Operation Bay

Fraudulent bond trading.

Operation Limited

Money Laundering.

Operation Valgus

Mortgage Fraud.

R v Gill (2012)

Mobility Product Fraud.

R v M (2012)

Historical sex abuse.

R v Graham & Others (2012)

Prison Riot.

R v. Hussain and ors

(ongoing) Operation Raiment “5”. Money laundering and mortgage fraud

R v. Billington and Done Operation Pisces (2012)

A “No body” murder case.

R v W (2012)

Rape and kidnap

R v John Early and ors (2011)

Operation Knot. Conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

R v Bamford and ors (2011)

Operation Cortex. Conspiracy to supply cocaine.

R v Moreton and ors (2011)

Tachograph fraud involving numerous drivers of same company.

R v Donnelly and Horne (2011)

Conspiracy to steal.

R v Siadankay and ors (ongoing)

Operation Halstead. Conspiracy to supply cocaine.

R v Faizl Nazir (2011)

“Cash for Crash” fraud. Defendant acquitted following successful application to dismiss.

R v B (2011)


R v Rodenhurst (2011)

Production of cannabis: medical defence

R v Noto (2011)


R v Currie (2011)

Manslaughter. Defendant held Operator’s Licence in respect of vehicle involved in fatal accident when corroded brake pipe burst under braking

R v M (2011)

Sexual assault on child family member.

R v Powell-Roberts (2011)


R v. Burke & ors

Conspiracy to Rob.

Operation Oxford

Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Burglary.

Operation Habilis

Conspiracy to Produce Cannabis. Prosecuting the Organisers and Managers of a gang
of Vietnamese Nationals running cannabis factories across North Wales.

Operation Lucia (2010)


Operation Blackbird (2010)

Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Burglary. Prosecuted an Organised Criminal Gang which targeted 25 high-value properties across Cheshire and Lancashire during which violence was used and threatened towards several occupiers. All defendants convicted. Ring leaders received Indeterminate Sentences.

R v. Caunce (2010)

Rape and violent assault by stranger on heavily intoxicated victim

R v. Johnson (2010)

Death by Dangerous Driving: Medical Defence (Leading Junior)

R v. Humphreys (2010)


Operation Kenya (2009)

Conspiracy to Rob. Prosecution of an Organised Criminal Gang that planned robberies of jewellers and cash in transit vehicles. Ringleaders convicted.

R v. D (2009)

Defended alleged rape by approved carer on mentally disabled client: acquitted.

Re: M (2009)

Defence of Registered Nurse before Fitness to Practice Committee.

R v. Roberts (2009)


R v. Dickenson (2009)

Serious wounding in Prison.