Anya Horwood

Call 1991

Photo of Anya Horwood


Anya was called to the Bar in 1991. She is an experienced criminal advocate with a practice encompassing the full range of criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, serious offences of violence, organised crime, conspiracy to supply drugs, and sexual offences. She is instructed to both prosecute and defend. In 2009 she joined the Crown Prosecution Service and was instructed as junior in several multi-handed murder prosecutions in Liverpool and Chester between 2009 and 2017.

She is a nationally approved trainer with the Crown Prosecution Service. She has trained prosecution lawyers and the police in England and Jersey. Anya is a Level 4 Prosecutor and a member of multiple panels including the Rape Panel, General Crime Advocates Panel and the Serious Organised Crime Panel. She has also recently been appointed to the General Medical Council Developmental Panel.

Criminal Cases

Murder  – led Junior

  • R v Culshaw, Martin and Martin (2016) – Drug gang related firearm murder
  • R v Bilsborough, Hunt and Johns (2017) – Drug gang related firearm murder
  • R v Smith and Willett (2017) – Murder of a 2 year old and child cruelty
  • R v Deakin (2017)
  • R v Smith, Smith, Griffiths, Nelson and Nelson (2015) – drug related
  • R v Munro (2016)
  • R v Shaughnessy, McGill, Hewitt, Hewitt, Dykstra (2014 and 2017) – youths charged with gang related murder. Three defendants appealed their convictions at Court of Appeal in July 2017 on the grounds of joint enterprise, mandatory life sentences for youths and the use of intermediaries. The Government and Equality and Human Rights commission were represented at the appeal.

Manslaughter – as sole advocate

  • R v Eveleigh (2017)
  • R v Emma Parr (2015)

Attempted Murder – as sole advocate

  • R v Scragg (2017)  – attempted murder of girlfriend
  • R v Denver Beddows (2017) – attempted mercy killing of an elderly wife by 95 year old defendant.
  • R v Braithwaite (2016) – Arson and Attempted Murder of wife
  • R v Swainbank and others (2016) – youth defendants in rival gang offence.

Sexual Offences

  • R v Wolten (2018) – defence of an 81 year old with dementia accused of historic sexual offences against his son and nephew.
  • R v Blackmoore (2018) – defence of a 19 year old charged with sexual offences. The defendant had executive function disorder.
  • R  v Riley (2016)  – Child Abduction and Rape
  • R v Sullivan – Child exploitation – multiple child complainants

Organised Crime – leading junior

  • R v Craig Cartwright and others. Nine defendants charged with conspiracy to cause explosions and conspiracy to burgle banks and building societies. The case was the first of its type in the United Kingdom.