Lisa Linklater K.C. Secures Discontinuance of Claim for Restitution relating to Employee Benefit Trust

June 20, 2023

Lisa Linklater K.C. has led a legal team that has secured the discontinuance of a claim in restitution against their client, the Defendant, and the payment of their client’s costs of the claim.  The notice of discontinuance by the Claimant has been filed shortly before the trial of the case, which was listed to start in early June 2023 in the High Court of Justice, Business and Property Courts in Leeds.

The claim was brought by a company against a former director in respect of tax paid by the company, arising from the use of an Employee Benefit Trust. Lisa was instructed by the Defendant for 2 years, throughout the course of the legal proceedings.  Lisa drafted statements of case, advised on strategy, the law and represented the Defendant at court hearings.  The claim had a lengthy factual history and involved complex and novel points of law in restitution, limitation and tax law.

“It was a pleasure to work with Lisa, whose hard work 24/7, excellent advocacy and expertise throughout was an invaluable factor in achieving this outcome.” Excello Law     

Lisa was instructed by Anna Shaw and Steve Thomas, both partners in the Corporate litigation and Insolvency team of Excello Law who both have considerable experience and expertise in this niche area of law concerning Employee Benefit Trust Schemes and how it effects the Directors involved in them, whether in an Insolvency context or otherwise.

Further detail about this case may be found on Excello’s website through this link.