John Wyn Williams successfully prosecutes historic sexual abuse case

June 28, 2021

Following two trials and an abuse of process argument, John Wyn Williams from Exchange Chambers has successfully prosecuted the defendant, PS, for historic sexual abuse crimes.

Assisted by the hard work of the Officers in the case, Paddy Kilgallon and Stephanie Rimmer, PS was eventually convicted of all crimes and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment as an offender of particular concern.

In the 1990’s and the 2000’s PS had manipulated his position as an Uncle to very vulnerable children in order to abuse them for his own sexual gratification. He had denied raping a young child aged 8 at the time but was convicted unanimously.

During the course of the trial, the defence had argued that one of the victims being allowed to give her evidence over three days in her cross examination was an abuse of process. HHJ Driver QC ruled against the submission.

The victims’ Victim Personal Statements were read out in Court and the impact of the crimes were described as “serious”.

John Wyn Williams is a member of Exchange Chambers’ criminal department and is an expert in sexual crime. He was instructed by Merseyside RASSO Unit.