John Wyn Williams acts for company director in fraud trial

March 29, 2016

John Wyn Williams from Exchange Chambers has acted for company director Darren Price, who has been sentenced to two years and three months in prison for fraud.  His fellow company director and co-defendant, John David Hulme, was sentenced to six years for fraud and false accounting.

The two defendants orchestrated a ticketing swindle at Llanberis-based Padarn Bus Ltd which involved claiming extra concessionary fares and re-claiming more money than was owed.

Hulme had dishonestly claimed £495,857 from Gwynedd Council with Price claiming £318,798.

Hulme attempted to plead his innocence throughout a six-day trial but was  found guilty of fraud and false accounting.  Price pleaded guilty to fraud in October.

John Wyn Williams, for Price, said the defendant “would like to publically apologise to the tax-paying public and to those at Padarn who lost their jobs”.

John is a member of the Fraud team at Exchange Chambers.

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