John Jones KC secures acquittal in murder trial

January 30, 2023

John Jones KC from Exchange Chambers, leading Daniel Prowse, has secured an acquittal for his client in a murder trial.

Joseph Byrne was accused of murdering Christopher Molloy during an attack near to Bootle Strand, Liverpool in the early hours of July 12 last year.

The prosecution’s case was that Mr Molloy was murdered to “teach him a lesson” after he was alleged to have accosted young girls on a street in Liverpool at night.

The defendant struck the deceased twice but upon falling, the deceased struck his head on the pavement.   After the defendant left the scene, two others including his brother and a 16-year-old boy came and kicked the unconscious man.

The cause of death and sequencing of the blows was critical. The defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter but the prosecution refused to accept the plea.  He was found not guilty of murder.

John Jones KC and Daniel Prowse were instructed by Ed Jones of Cobleys.