John Jones KC defends in manslaughter by diminished responsibility trial

February 6, 2023

John Jones KC from Exchange Chambers, leading Sean Smith, has defended a man who killed both his parents.

David Taylor, 37, stabbed his parents in a “sustained and frenzied attack”.

A charge of manslaughter by diminished responsibility was ultimately accepted once the defendant was fit to plead.   During the sentencing hearing, complex medical evidence was heard from competing psychiatrists concerning what was the correct sentence in Mr Taylor’s case given he remained a significant danger and was likely in the opinion of one of the medical experts likely to kill again.

Taylor, a paranoid schizophrenic was sentenced to a Section 45A Hybrid Order under the Mental Health Act meaning that he may spend at least eight years in prison in the event that he is ever released from the secure mental hospital at Rampton, where he is presently detained.

He was brought to court from Rampton Secure Hospital where was detained by the Secretary of State under the Mental Health Act.

John Jones KC and Sean Smith were instructed by Dave Ryan and Adam Henry at M & A Solicitors.