International assignments for Ian Whitehurst

November 4, 2021

Criminal barrister Ian Whitehurst from Exchange Chambers has taken on a range of international assignments.

Ian will be a guest speaker at the New York County Lawyers Association in December 2021 to discuss financial crime prosecutions and how to defend them in relation to investigations by prosecutors and regulators into digital currencies. The New York County Lawyers Association is one of the largest, most influential bar associations in the US, and has pioneered some of the most far-reaching and tangible reforms in American jurisprudence and public policy.

The Liverpool-based criminal barrister has also accepted an invitation teach a course in cyber-crime at the Chicago-Kent College of Law in January 2022. The course will examine the UK and US approach to cyber-crime, focusing on the differences in procedure, evidence and sentencing powers of the courts.

Moving to North America, Ian will also deliver a seminar on international criminal law at Dalhousie University, a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Additionally, Ian Whitehurst has been invited to be part of the defence team involved in lodging an appeal to the US Supreme Court. The appeal will challenge the ambit of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution as it applies to the execution of administrative warrants to obtain data without judicial oversight and their deployment thereafter in criminal proceedings.

Ian remains in full-time practice at Exchange Chambers alongside his assignments in the US and other academic roles in the UK.