Independent Adjudication Service

May 7, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Exchange Chambers has launched an independent adjudication service for personal injury claims.

This new initiative will effectively act as an alternative to the court service at a time when claims cannot be processed through the traditional court system as quickly as before. The service enables Claimants and Defendants to opt out of the court system and to seek a resolution via a quicker and potentially less expensive alternative.

Exchange Chambers has a proven track record in this area, having successfully run a similar service pre COVID-19 when our specialist personal injury barristers acted as assessors in private determinations relating to stage 3 style assessments of damages and determinations of costs.

With many of our barristers holding part-time judicial positions, we are ideally placed to provide an independent and cost-effective service, facilitating swift resolution for all parties.

Our independent adjudication service operates through virtual face-to-face technology including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. We also provide resolution of disputes on papers alone.

The range of matters covered by our independent adjudication service includes:

  • Small Claim and Fast Track trials
  • Disposal hearings
  • Stage 3 hearings
  • Applications and procedural disputes
  • Multi-track trials
  • Appeals
  • Costs disputes

Why the service is attractive to both parties: –

  • It avoids the current delays in the Court system due to the current COVID-19 crisis
  • It helps both parties progress the case
  • Successful claimants will quickly access entitlements to damages and costs
  • Successful defendant insurers will be able to close files and clear reserves
  • The service can resolve conflicts of fact or discreet legal issues
  • The parties choose the adjudicator (we can provide a large number of Counsel to choose from) for your case or receive a nomination if you cannot agree
  • The parties receive a firm listing and hearing date
  • The parties receive a binding decision within 24 hours (with reasons in writing)
  • There will be no adjournments due to the unavailability of a Judge or the Court
  • The service preserves an ability to appeal the decision.
  • Both parties save on costs by saving issue, allocation and hearing fees.
  • The adjudication is fair and independent