Imran Shafi secures acquittal for client in murder trial

July 5, 2019

Imran Shafi from Exchange Chambers has secured the acquittal of his client from a count of murder, as a part of Operation Yale, following an intense two month trial.

Nine defendants were indicted with murder as part of Operation Yale. The investigation arose from a gangland shooting.

Imran is a heavyweight criminal defence specialist who is instructed in the most serious criminal matters.

He is renowned for his ability to put his clients at ease and to vigorously represent them at every level. Imran is frequently retained to defend fraud, serious drugs conspiracies, murder, gang violence and large scale immigration facilitation cases. His practice has been built upon his ability to perform at the highest level time and time again. He was called to the bar in 1996.

Imran was instructed by Middleweekes solicitors, Manchester.

He is a key and experienced member of the criminal team at Exchange Chambers.