Success for Imran Shafi in fraud case

December 12, 2017

Imran Shafi, from Exchange Chambers, representing JT on charges of Fraud by abuse of position and False accounting successfully applied to dismiss all counts faced by him at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

JT was alleged to have given unauthorised discounts to a customer of the multi-million multi-national company he was employed by. He was further alleged to have covered his tracks by hiding the suspect transactions.

The period of the offending was alleged to be over twenty years and the loss to the company in the region of £400,000. HHJ Fletcher acceded to an application by Mr. Shafi to dismiss all counts.

Mr. Shafi was instructed by Rob Mann of Draycott Browne Solicitors.

Imran is a heavyweight criminal defence specialist who is instructed in the most serious criminal matters. He works at both the Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal. In addition to his recognised strength in fraud, he is frequently retained to defend serious drugs conspiracies, murder, gang violence and large scale immigration facilitation cases. Over the years he has also gained vast experience in confiscation and appellate work. His practice has been built upon his ability to perform at the highest level time and time again.

He is a key and experienced member of the criminal team at Exchange Chambers.