Challenge to the admissibility of EncroChat evidence to go to the Court of Appeal

July 26, 2021

Dove J, having ruled against the defence in Operations Embossed and Estervan, has granted leave to appeal his ruling to the Court of Appeal.

As before, the lead team consisting of Imran Shafi QC from Exchange Chambers, Simon Csoka QC and Oliver Cook will make submissions on behalf of all the defendants.

The judgment of the Court of Appeal in this landmark decision is eagerly awaited by all the Operation Venetic prosecutions up and down the country.

EncroChat was one of the world’s largest encrypted communications services. It was estimated to have 60,000 users across Europe, including 10,000 users in the UK. The company ceased operations in June 2020.

Operation Venetic is the operational name given to the National Crime Agency’s attempts to infiltrate EncroChat.