Ian Whitehurst successfully argues for huge reduction in criminal benefit figure

March 24, 2020

Further to a successful hearing in the Court of Appeal, Ian Whitehurst from Exchange Chambers, instructed by Adrian Williams at Forbes Solicitors, has successfully argued for a huge reduction in the criminal benefit figure in a large scale drugs conspiracy.

Initially, the CPS sought a benefit figure against the Defendant in excess of £3 million. The figure was reduced to £300,000 after legal arguments in the Crown Court but the matter was appealed to the Court of Appeal.

After successful arguments by Ian Whitehurst before the Court of Appeal, the original order was quashed and a rehearing was ordered.

At the renewed hearing in the Crown Court, the CPS agreed with the original defence submissions that the criminal benefit figure should be £31,500. This concession has resulted in the Defendant receiving nearly £70,000 back from the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ian Whitehurst acted throughout all stages of the confiscation proceedings.

Ian Whitehurst is a member of the Criminal team at Exchange Chambers.