Gerard Martin QC and David Knifton successfully settle upper limb amputee case

October 9, 2014

Gerard Martin QC and David Knifton from Exchange Chambers have successfully settled an upper limb amputee case – whole of the limb missing, for their instructing solicitor and his client.

For reasons of confidentiality, the client cannot be named, but as an individual head of loss in this case, the prosthetics claim settled at just under £1.5 million in an overall settlement of £2.3 million.

Commenting on the case, Gerard Martin QC said:

“Having a special interest in amputee claims, I am unaware of quantum reports in similar sums for upper limb prosthetics.

“The value of the prosthetics head of loss was pleaded in the schedule as in excess of £2 million. In essence we were pursuing state of the art advances in prosthetics. For example, we presented the Claimant as keen to be assessed for TMR so that if suitable with such surgery, he could potentially be able to much more intuitively operate via myo-electical impulses to a powered elbow, wrist rotator and finger movements.”