Exchange Chambers statement in support of the CBA’s No Returns policy

April 7, 2022

Recently, members of the Criminal Bar Association (“CBA”) overwhelmingly voted to adopt a ‘no returns’ policy from Monday 11th April.

The Exchange Chambers Crime team supports the decision of the CBA to adopt a no returns policy and so will not be accepting returns for any AGFS Crown Court case to be heard on or after 11th April.

The CBA is clear that the Government’s position does not represent an adequate response to the crisis in the criminal justice system. The position of the CBA can be found here.

Indeed, the Law Society has withdrawn its support for the Government’s proposals and encouraged its members to consider whether to accept new criminal legal aid contracts (see here).

It is extremely regrettable that we find ourselves in this position. We are aware that the no returns policy will cause inconvenience for which we can only apologise but if you do have any concerns or queries then please speak to me (Jonathan I’Anson), Nick Buckley, Ian Spencer, or Neil Wright.

Jonathan I’Anson (CEO)
Exchange Chambers
7th April 2022