Exchange Chambers barristers in Old Bailey defence

February 16, 2016

Richard Littler led Julian Goode in a Terrorist trial lasting 5 weeks at the Old Bailey at the beginning of the year.

The Defendant was the cousin of two sisters who were dubbed by the National media as the “teenage terror twins” in 2014 after they joined Islamic State in Syria.

It was alleged that this Defendant in 2013-2014 was the “hub of communication” for a group of 5 like-minded male extremists who had left the UK for Syria and Somalia in Autumn 2013. It was alleged he has assisted in getting one individual into Syria via Turkey. From his mother’s home in Manchester, the A-level student, communicated via Whats App and Social Media with the group (named “The Mandem”) whilst they fought with ISIS against the Assad Regime in Syria. It was further alleged he put fighters in contact with each other thus helping their cause. Furthermore, he communicated with fighters within Al-Shaba in Somalia and allegedly put ISIS members in contact with Al-Shabab fighters.

The prosecution relied heavily on a volume of mind-set evidence contained within the Defendant’s various computers and phones and obviously the messaging between him and the “Mandem” and other fighters with ISIS and Al-Shabab. The Defendant faced 5 counts of s5 Preparing/Assisting for acts of terrorism. The Defendant gave evidence for 10 days (7 days in chief and 3 days cross examination) given the volume of material. Following a 5 week trial  he was found not guilty of three counts and guilty of the remaining two. Sentencing will take place sometime in the next few weeks.