David Toal successfully prosecutes sex slave case

June 25, 2015

David Toal from Exchange Chambers has successfully prosecuted a ‘violent and evil’ man who condemned a harem of lovers to an ordeal of control, rape and torture as part of a 14-year campaign to ‘sleep with as many women as possible’.

Iqbal Ali, 33, forced four women to become his personal sex slaves – subjecting them to beatings, physical punishments and public humiliation if they were seen to disobey his strict rules.

Ali was found guilty of all 25 offences including four of rape, two of indecent assault, and two of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence as well as numerous offences of assault involving strangulation, burning and scalding his victims.

He was sentenced to life in prison at Minshull Crown Court, Manchester. He will serve a minimum of 16 years and six months before being considered for parole.

After the case Detective Chief Inspector Paul Parker of Greater Manchester Police said:

“Iqbal Ali is a sorry excuse for a man and without question one of the most heinous individuals I have had the misfortune of dealing with as a police officer.

“The level of control and violence that Ali has used against his victims spanning a period of 14 years has shocked even experienced detectives.

“Iqbal is a calculated, violent and evil man, who has identified vulnerable young ladies and used them for his sexual gratification, financial gain and psychological control.”

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