David Birrell secures acquittal in VAT fraud trial

September 10, 2019

David Birrell has successfully defended a DJ and music producer who was charged with fraud and evasion of VAT.

The case arose out of a HMRC investigation called ‘Operation Clump’. The Defendant reclaimed VAT on business expenses worth over £300,000 for a period of 7 years whilst failing to declare any business income whatsoever. The Defendant’s case was that he had made serious mistakes but had not been dishonest.

Despite the overwhelming nature of the Prosecution case and the defendant having very little documentary evidence to support his assertions, he was acquitted following Mr Birrell’s robust cross examination of HMRC officers and persuasive closing submissions.

Mr Birrell was instructed by Sarah Nawrocki of Mark Jones and Partners.

Mr Birrell specialises in fraud cases and has a particular interest in revenue fraud and prosecutions brought by HMRC. He is recognised by the CPS as a Specialist Advocate in Fraud.