Crime Newsletter – February 2022

February 28, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of our Crime Newsletter, which we hope you will find useful. In this edition:

The Evolution of Fraud Trials 
In this article, Richard Littler QC discusses the evolution of fraud trials and how practitioners can stay ahead of the game in the modern world.

The Metaverse and the Rule of Law 
Ian Whitehurst considers the new world of the Metaverse in relation to the rule of law, the rights of the individual and how those principles can be protected not just from the owners and the creators of the metaverse, but also from fellow users.

Keeping pregnant women and defendants with caring responsibilities out of custody
The prison system is no stranger to pregnant women or individuals with caring responsibilities. Harriet Lavin explores this issue in light of two recent Court of Appeal cases.

Recent Case Summaries 
Emily Hassell provides a case law update of a number of recent important decisions in the criminal sphere.

Can a jury ignore the law? Perverse verdicts in protest cases
Verdicts on criminal damage charges are routinely delivered in courtrooms across the country, but few attract the same level of interest as the recent Colston Four trial did. In this article, Hannah Forsyth discusses the controversies surrounding the case.