Chris Richards successfully represents Claimant injured in hotel accident

December 13, 2022

Chris Richards from Exchange Chambers has successfully represented a retired police officer who suffered a serious burn injury after an accident at a hotel.

The Claimant had travelled with his wife to Greece on a package holiday. The Claimant was making coffee in his hotel room with the kettle and cups which the hotel had provided. Unfortunately, the shelf which was being used to store the kettle and cups collapsed. The boiling water and the hot coffee spilled out and the Claimant suffered extensive burns to his left hand.

The Claimant brought a claim against the tour operator. The Claimant argued that the tour operator should be held liable for the failings of the hotel. The tour operator said that they were not responsible and said that the Claimant would need to prove that the shelf collapsing was not something which would be normal in Greece. The tour operator instructed experienced solicitors and counsel to represent them and fought the claim to trial.

Chris and his solicitors worked hard to build the case. Chris drafted particulars of claim which effectively set out the Claimant’s case. Chris and his solicitors also obtained a report from a Greek lawyer discussing the standards which would be expected from hotels in Greece.

Chris went on to represent the Claimant during a one-day trial in Hull County Court. Chris successfully proved that the tour operator was to blame. The Claimant beat two Part 36 offers and was awarded almost £20,000 for their damages and costs.

Chris Richards is a member of the personal injury department at Exchange Chambers, and was instructed by Ian Wolstenhulme of Ralli Solicitors.