Chris Richards fights off allegation of dishonesty and wins £41,000 for client

September 13, 2023

Chris Richards has successfully represented a refugee who was wrongly accused of dishonesty in relation to a personal injury claim.

The Claimant had been working a trial period as a cleaner in a cafe in Leeds. As the Claimant was cleaning a floor, a fryer full of hot oil fell onto her. The Claimant was covered in oil and suffered an extremely nasty burn injury as a result.

The Claimant brought a claim against her employer. The Claimant’s employer accepted blame for the accident. However, the employer made wide-ranging allegations of dishonesty against her. The employer alleged that the Claimant had been dishonest about the extent of her injuries, the effect on her life, and so on.

Chris represented the Claimant during a two-day trial in Leeds County Court. Chris prepared a lengthy skeleton argument, cross-examined the Defendant, and made careful submissions in front of a senior Circuit Judge.

The Judge agreed that the Claimant was telling the truth and awarded her £41,686 in compensation.

Chris Richards is a member of the personal injury department at Exchange Chambers, and was instructed by Liberty Solicitors.