Chris Barnes KC and Chris Allen secure £10 million settlement

December 19, 2023

Chris Barnes KC and Chris Allen from Exchange Chambers have secured £10 million on a lump sum basis for a 23-year old whose mother was 33 weeks pregnant with her when she was involved in a serious RTA which resulted in Claimant being born prematurely. The Claimant sustained a serious brain injury in utero. Despite a severe brain injury, the Claimant attended a mainstream school and successfully pursued higher education.

The Claimant had moved to the USA and as such the lawyers encountered additional complications such as selection of experts, whether a PPO was appropriate and/or practically possible and the taxation and/or investment of damages in a foreign country.

The matter was due to be heard for trial in the High Court in the Spring of 2024 however following a successful JSM the High Court approved settlement in the sum of £10 million in November 2023. As the case is now the subject of reporting restrictions and an anonymity order it is not possible to provide any further details of the case.

Chris Barnes KC and Chris Allen were instructed by David Boobyer from Tollers Solicitors.