Ceri Widdett appears in new BBC TV programme, ‘Is This Sexual Harassment?’

January 15, 2019

Employment specialist Ceri Widdett from Exchange Chambers has appeared on BBC Three programme, Is This Sexual Harassment?

Presenter, Ben Zand, leads an on-screen discussion with a group of around 20 young people about where the line is when it comes to sexual harassment, based on the various scenarios from the drama.

Over the course of two days, they watch a specially written drama in three parts telling the story of a professional relationship between a man and woman at work which ends with an accusation of sexual harassment. At each stage, the group are given the opportunity to vote on the behaviour displayed and if it is offensive or unwanted, before finally voting if they believe it constitutes sexual harassment.

They also hear directly from people whose lives have been affected by sexual harassment, including a false accusation of harassment.

And finally, the group hears from barrister Ceri Widdett who lays down the law and answers the question posed by the drama – is this sexual harassment?

Commenting on the programme, Ceri Widdett says:

“Despite the impact of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, it’s clear that more awareness is needed about sexual harassment in everyday work situations.

“We have got to get young men and women talking about sexual harassment,” she adds. “They really do not know where the line is.”

To watch the programme on BBC iPlayer, please click here.