Caitlin Edwards secures the dismissal of a counterclaim on the basis of fundamental dishonesty

February 1, 2023

Acting for a Claimant/Part 20 Defendant (instructed by Carpenters Solicitors), Caitlin secured a finding of fundamental dishonesty and dismissal of the Defendant/Part 20 Claimant’s counterclaim, at a fast track trial before HHJ Coe KC sitting at Nottingham County Court.

After settling the Claimant’s claim, the trial proceeded solely on the issue of the Defendant’s counterclaim for personal injury, physiotherapy charges, and excess. Following robust cross examination and submissions, HHJ Coe KC reached “the inevitable conclusion” that the Defendant had suffered no injury and had in fact brought a dishonest claim, engaging CPR 44.16 and resulting in additional costs being awarded to the Claimant.

Caitlin is regularly instructed in trials where fundamental dishonesty is a live issue, in a range of claims across the breadth of personal injury. She prides herself on a meticulous attention to detail in her preparation which enables her to pick up on key inconsistencies and issues within the evidence.