Another result for David Birrell in ‘Laughing Gas’ case

February 20, 2023

David Birrell of Exchange Chambers has secured a suspended sentence for a man convicted of Possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substance. The case involved an industrial quantity of nitrous oxide, also known as ‘laughing gas’.

Police found over 9000 canisters of laughing gas in a self storage unit controlled by David’s client.  The Prosecution argued that the case fell into the top category on the Sentencing Guideline and urged the court to impose a sentence of 4 years’ custody.  David, instructed by Julie Murphy at ABR Solicitors, carefully drafted a Basis of Plea which the CPS unusually agreed.  Using the Basis, David was able to persuade the Court that the proper starting point was 12 months’ custody.  David then persuaded the Court to reduce the sentence to 6 months and then to suspend it.

This represents yet another excellent result for David and ABR Solicitors, who have established themselves as experts in this ever-developing field of criminal law.  Last month they secured a suspended sentence for a man found with 3000 canisters and over £10,000 in cash.  That case was reported in the local and national press.