Double success for Alex Menary in Police Misconduct Proceedings

July 15, 2021

Alex Menary from Exchange Chambers has recently conducted two successful defences of police officers in South and West Yorkshire respectively.

In the first misconduct hearing, DC W was accused of making sexual comments towards a vulnerable victim before sexually assaulting her in her own home whilst on duty. After a 4 day hearing the panel dismissed all of the charges, finding that the complainant’s evidence had been totally undermined during cross-examination.

In the second set of proceedings, DS M, a CHIS handler with the North East Regional Unit, was accused of shoplifting from his local supermarket. Following a shift in the Appropriate Authority’s position the night before the misconduct hearing, Alex secured an adjournment to obtain expert psychiatric evidence, following which the AA discontinued the proceedings.

Alex was instructed by Darren Cook of RadcliffesLeBrasseur Solicitors in Leeds. Darren’s assessment was “Another excellent result”.